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What is YottaHost Cloud Web Hosting?

Modern business requires reliable IT-solutions. After launching a new online project, one of the most important goals is to choose a reliable hosting provider that will ensure stable work of the site and the highest possible uptime. High accessibility of your Internet resource is a key to customer trust and a vital indicator of a positive reputation. For such purposes, fail-safe Cloud Web Hosting technologies are used.

Today, the price of web hosting is minor in the total cost of a webmaster. Therefore, companies are struggling to provide the best quality on the market.

That is rather like your own dedicated server, so we call it Cloud Web Hosting. You will enjoy the performance of a dedicated one but without significant cost. Everything is fully powered by YottaHost Hosting provider.

Web hosting allows you to place any web project on rented servers without spending your own money on expensive equipment. You can flexibly change server performance by adapting it to the current level of attendance. The more visitors you have, the more power is needed for the stable work of the site.

Cloud Web Hosting vs Shared Web Hosting

Most hosting providers give one server for the client site. This is the main hallmark of Shared Web Hosting - here you are provided with several dozens of servers simultaneously. If one or more of the servers crashed, the load is automatically distributed between other servers.

Thus, it is possible to achieve the highest uptime, which is vital for large projects, where high attendance and round-the-clock accessibility of the site are master key to success.

Cloud technologies make it possible to use a whole pool of servers, combining their performance. As a result, you get a solid platform for deploying all sizes of web platforms.

YottaHost's Cloud Web Hosting Benefits

In addition to lightning fast servers, hosting provider clients receive the following benefits:

  • refund guarantee within 30 days;
  • technical support 24/7;
  • backup data on all tariffs;
  • GDPR Ready;
  • easy to understand control panel;
  • hourly offsite backups;
  • the maximum level of service in each plan;
  • the highest level of data security;
  • the best hosting optimized for WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce with its free plugins.

One of the main tenets of the YottaHost Policy is the complete protection of customer data leaks and loss of data. Privacy Policy with the technologies used help to prevent commercial information from being disclosed to any third persons. LiteSpeed & CloudLinux Hosting from YottaHost is the most reliable solution.

Our platform flexibly adapts to the growth & development of your business. We provide services for the migration of any web resource to our platform quickly and efficiently. A professional group of experts can do that for your project.

Cloud Web Hosting allows you to host resource-intensive projects and provides maximum speed. Our Cloud Web Hosting is a first and cheap step to premium tier Pro services. With us, you can grow and scale flexibly.

We use only our own cloud hardware and network. We provide round the clock monitoring and communicate promptly. In a short time, we will solve any issue. We are not intermediaries and do not work with any dealers. The hardware uses renewable energy sources, as well as energy-saving technologies.

Cloud Web Hosting to host resource-intensive projects YottaHostTechnical experts of YottaHost perform a full range of server administration and updates. They monitor the effective work of the site in 27/7 mode so that each client can provide a strong focus on his own business. Unlimited web hosting makes your apps and sites extremely fast, regardless of load.

You can host more than 15 domains within the allocated capacity, depending on the selected hosting tariff. Besides, you get free SSL certificates, flexible tools for working with databases, E-mail accounts and FTP. You do not need specific knowledge to work with the control panel. Also, you can install any of the available CMS with just a few clicks using Shared Web Hosting on Linux or any other operating system.

The price depends on the performance of the server capacity and the set of functions.

When a server is down, regular users will not notice anything unusual while visiting the website. Your online resource will still be stable and accessible. Cloud Web Hosting server is a springboard for the site. The financial result and the accessibility of the site are two related indicators.

Our goal is to provide the best web hosting for each customer. We are continuously improving our platform using licensed and updated software. Thus, we create business synergy with the client, providing him with efficient virtual hosting servers and give everything necessary to boost his project.

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