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Why Choose Cloud Hosting Solutions for Your Website?

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting solution that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It offers a more reliable option compared to shared hosting and costs much less compared to VPS hosting.

Here is a closer look at cloud hosting, including its main advantages and why it’s likely the right choice for your website.

What Is Cloud Hosting?

With a cloud hosting account, your files are stored in the cloud instead of residing on a specific physical server. This provides numerous benefits for anyone wanting to maintain a fast-loading webpage on a reliable hosting platform.

The best way to understand how the cloud hosting solution works is to compare it to other hosting plans.

Cloud Hosting vs. Shared Hosting Comparison

Shared hosting is one of the most used types of hosting plans. It is often the cheapest option but the least reliable.

Shared hosting requires you to share resources. Your files are stored on a physical server that hosts websites for other customers.

When you upload a file, the file is transferred to the hard drive inside the physical server. Unfortunately, if the server crashes, your website goes down and you may lose your data.

Bottlenecks are also a concern with shared hosting. When other websites on the same server experience traffic spikes, your site may experience slower page loading speeds.

Cloud hosting helps you avoid these issues. Instead of storing the files on a single physical server, the hosting provider stores your files on a network of servers working together.

Instead of sharing resources on a single server, the resources remain remotely spread across multiple servers. This reduces the risk of bottlenecks and protects against data loss and downtime.

Cloud Hosting vs. VPS Comparison

Cloud hosting also shares features with virtual private server (VPS) solutions, along with several significant differences.

A VPS includes multiple virtual environments set up on a single physical server while cloud hosting involves one large virtual environment set up on a network of physical servers.

With VPS plans, you receive a dedicated section of the virtual server. You can then allocate resources as needed, providing more configuration options compared to shared or cloud hosting.

Another major difference is the hosting. With cloud hosting, website hosting is served by the hosting provider. With a virtual sever, you must configure and administer the server yourself. This is useful for configuring specialized servers, such as a database server or gaming server.

Cloud hosting is an easier solution for setting up a website. Unlike the virtual servers, the hosting is included. At YottaHost, cloud hosting plans come with a free control panel. 

Most entrepreneurs and businesses find what they need from the cloud hosting plans. These plans are more flexible, affordable, and scalable for setting up and managing websites.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting Solutions

Compared to shared web hosting or VPS hosting, cloud services offer the following:

  • Greater server uptime
  • Scalable hosting solutions
  • Faster server deployment
  • Affordable pricing structure
  • Superior security

To find out if cloud hosting is the solution you need to start growing your business, explore these advantages in more detail.

Server Uptime

Cloud solutions tend to provide the greatest server uptime. With a shared hosting plan, your hosting provider may guarantee 98% to 99% server uptime.

The structure of cloud hosting ensures more reliable uptime as the virtual server shares resources across multiple physical servers. If one server goes offline, the network allocates resources to another server.


This architecture also allows for faster deployment and greater scalability. With fewer configuration options, setting up and deploying cloud servers requires less time compared to VPS servers.

Many cloud accounts also come with site management features for adjusting server resources based on your site’s performance.


The pricing is also scalable. Cloud accounts remain cost-effective and easy to scale, allowing you to switch plans as needed.

Cloud hosting relies on multiple physical servers instead of a single server, making it easier for hosting providers to allocate resources as needed, which also allows for cheaper prices.


Compared to shared accounts, cloud solutions offer superior security. Your files do not reside on the same physical server as other customers as everything remains web-based, increasing protection against cyberattacks.

Without the same shared IP address, you also avoid the potential risk of getting blacklisted due to another customer’s activity. For example, if the IP address gets blocked from search engines, you may struggle to generate organic traffic.

Superior Hosting From a Reliable Provider

The bottom line is that cloud hosting provides a middle ground between shared hosting and VPS hosting. It is cheap, scalable, and secure.

Along with these advantages, YottaHost provides a few additional benefits:

  • Unlimited email storage
  • Unmetered disk space and bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free cPanel
  • The best prices available

YottaHost offers several unlimited cloud hosting plans. Each plan comes with the lowest available price and features such as a free SSL certificate that you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

You’ll also discover flexible solutions for any type of business. YottaHost regularly collaborates with freelancers, web developers, and IT agencies and offers favorable conditions for affiliate programs.

Which Type of Web Hosting Should You Choose?

Selecting the best plan for your website or web application depends on your needs. If you want the cheapest option, choose cloud hosting. It costs less compared to VPS or dedicated hosting and provides greater stability compared to shared hosting.

If you need to quickly launch your website and want to worry about scaling your needs later, cloud hosting remains the best choice. With fewer configuration options, setting up a new cloud account often takes less time compared to VPS hosting.

In the end, cloud hosting provides the most efficient solution for getting online quickly and affordably.

Choose YottaHost today for the best cloud hosting at unbeatable rates!

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